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Alcoholic? Absolutely not. No vomit.

Dennis Twiss has gone from cleaning up grafitti to cleaning up politics. He needs almost 6000 signatures to put the recall of La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid on the ballot. Mr. Twiss apparently doesn't think polticians should be found drunk and passed out on a public street near their vehicle or be entitled to receive special treatment by the police under these circumstances. He has a limited amount of time to gather signatures. He can be reached at (619) 465-6625.

Correction: Here is the quote from Vice-Mayor Ewin given to NBC 7/39 News: "He's a liability to the city. Who's going to take him -- Art Madrid -- seriously now? That's my feeling. It's time for a change," said Ewin.

Vice-Mayor Ewin has not called for Mayor Art Madrid's resignation per a phone call to this reporter. Click the link and read the NBC article for more details.

The vomit was reported by Sign On San Diego. The controversial mayor of La Mesa sells newspapaers and brings viewers to websites looking for details. In my opinion Ms. Trisha Turner, 34, may turn out to be the most embarrassed participant in the latest controversy surrounding La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid.

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